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VITALITY is the state of being strong, active and having the continuance of life.

We realize that every church goes through some form of a life-cycle. Just as the human body experiences birth, death, and the many phases in between, we believe the Body of Christ can enjoy and suffer through similar experiences.

Thus, our desire is to help you, our church Leaders, through whatever cycle you and the church you lead are experiencing. We long to see the day that the vital signs of every church within EFCA East are strong - strong enough to produce healthy churches that are actively fulfilling their part of the Great Commission.

We hope that engaging with these resources will strengthen your soul for the work ahead and breathe new life and purpose into your ministry.


Take an online or written assessment to help measure you and your church's vital signs.

The 8 leading indicators of church vitality and how to use them to bolster your church's vital signs.


21 Day Devotional and Reflection Guide

A simple reflection and devotional guide to help you, the church leader and Influencer, recalibrate your personal vitality, which will in turn enable you to immediately improve the vitality of your church and ministry.

8 Week Vitality Sermon Series

This series is an eight-week study designed to help walk you, your team and your entire church family through eight essential teachings about living a life of vitality both as a church and as individuals. This series corresponds with the eight Vitality Indicators created by EDA Move to help churches develop and maintain healthy vital signs.


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Still Reviving - Cedrick Brown

Vitality Call - February

Focusing Toward Revival - Tony Balsamo

Vitality Call - March

Vitality Call - December

No one needs you. Now what? - Joe Henseler

You're not enough. That's okay. - Eddie Cole

Giants In The Land

By Joshua Rasdall

Last month I found myself sitting for coffee with a pastor of a nearby church that was actually ashen-faced as he described a challenge that we both held in common. He described a scene I knew all too well: a member of his congregation of over 25 years was leaving in an uproar over a…

4 Lessons I Learned About Praying For My Church

By Trent Thompson

This summer our church spent every Sunday reflecting on the prayers of Jesus and Paul for the Church. I thought the series would draw us together as we learned to pray for one another and be an easy series to follow for those who were in and out with summer travels. What I didn’t anticipate…

When Retirement Is Not What You Expect

By John Nesbitt

Virtually all of us look forward to the day we will retire; simultaneously we’re not quite sure what we will actually experience! We know it will be different, and anticipate it will bring time and space for more fun, enjoyment of life, and relief from the more toilsome aspects of “work.” A significant number of…

3 Ways To Help Break Undesirable Patterns

By Cedrick Brown

It’s July… and August is coming soon. What does this mean? Well for me, over the years it’s proven to reveal that I’m easily irritated. That I’m really not enjoying the company of people I love and love to lead like the previous months. That Lisa and I are destined to have our annual emotional…

Is Anybody Listening?

By Deb Hinkel

I know a couple who love Jesus, serve selflessly, share the gospel faithfully, and talk at each other. These caring people, whose hearts are in the right place, spend more time talking over each other than listening to each other. It’s a good thing they take their marriage covenant seriously or I doubt they would…

How To Respond When You’re Being Attacked

By Tony Balsamo

Betrayal. Nothing cuts deeper, stings longer and leaves us bewildered like betrayal. If you’re in ministry for any length of time, you’ve tased the bitterness of this cup. It comes to all of those who are willing to be identified as followers of Christ and, even more, as under shepherds.  Whether it’s the echo of…

Loving Ministry When It Doesn’t Love You Back

By Trent Thompson

One of the ongoing challenges of ministry, particularly occupational ministry, is taking up the work God gives us to do without allowing it to become the primary driver of our identity. We all know the temptation, and gravitational pull on our hearts, to feel less valuable when things are going poorly and more valuable when…

Do You Compete or Complete?

By Joshua Rasdall

Everything I touch dies. Not people of course! That would make for a tragic and inefficient ministry. But over the course of the past four years, I have watched every small green thing I have planted in our yard die. It wasn’t until I was praying with another local area pastor that the significance of…

Stuck Happens

By Melissa Diem

I’m from a small town in Pennsylvania and recently we buried my Pap at the tiny chapel on the edge of his farm where he lived until he was 93 years old. Making the drive home was nostalgic. Miles and miles of country road twisting and turning through the wild forest leading me to the…

Keeping Your Eyes on the Future During a Challenging Present

By Trent Thompson

“I regret that I didn’t have time to write you a shorter letter.” I’ve seen that quote attributed to everyone from Blaise Pascal to Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin. Whoever said it, the moral is that brevity is best and succinctness is sublime. I’ll do my best to heed their admonition and deny my pastoral…

4 Essential Ingredients To Build Effective Teams

By Randy Hunt

Building an effective team provides a challenge for any pastor, regardless of church size. If you hope to build a team of effective leaders, your job continues way past hiring the right people. Regardless of your staff structure and who is responsible for the oversight of the team, you still have a significant role in…

The Value of Ministry In Small Places

By Jack Kroeze

I have heard from many small church pastors that they feel forgotten and overlooked. My own journey has given me the opportunity to be a part of several small church ministries.I have had the unique opportunity to shepherd a small church that grew and planted several other Free Churches and to oversee a church plant…

3 Questions To Help You Structure Your Ministry For Success

By Sarah Vega

In my time as a ministry leader, I have had successes, but I have also had failures. My biggest disaster in ministry occurred when I was leading an event planning team. One of my team members had voiced their desire to focus their attentions elsewhere and I just didn’t recognize their inclination to bow out…

4 Principles From Hamilton That Will Remake The Way I Do Church

By Steve Anderson

The past few months, we’ve all experienced significant losses – graduations, gatherings, job security, vacations, and in many cases, a friend or loved one. With all this heartache, it’s good to stop and appreciate the one thing we have all gained during the shutdown. Access to Hamilton! Hamilton, the award-winning, mind-blowing, smile-inducing reinvention of our…

The Two Biggest Challenges Of Multicultural Ministry

By Mark Tindle

NOTE: This post was written right before COVID-19 shut most things down and we had to bank it in order to cover pandemic related content. With the backdrop of racial turmoil currently sweeping our nation, it serves to highlight the critical importance of tackling this challenging area of the church’s mission. Have you ever wanted…

Should We Ask Forgiveness?

By Cedrick Brown

As a child, I remember having literal fist-fights with my older brother. When I reached the age and strength in which I could finally defend myself, I was fully engaged in sibling warfare. Yet, no matter how emotional or physical it got, we were forced by our parents to do the most dreaded and inevitable…

3 Keys To Help The Next Generation Of Leaders Crush Giants

By Matt Saxinger

  I was recently struck by the story of David and Goliath from a fresh perspective. I had just finished praying with an incredibly faithful follower of Christ. He was in the hospital and his days were numbered. I prayed that God would raise up a next generation with faith like he had. As his…

3 Questions To Help Maintain Healthy Vital Signs

By Cedrick Brown

While serving as an under-shepherd for many years now, it still can become frustrating when the sheep in God’s pasture don’t willingly follow. Within these exasperating moments I long to strike the rock rather than speak to it. Anybody know what I mean? Over the years I’m learning to pause more rather than striking, or…

Do Numbers Matter? 8 Ways To Measure Success In Ministry.

By Tim Gardner

Let’s be honest… We don’t like to talk numbers.  We’re afraid that if we talk about the numbers, then the numbers are the only important thing when measuring the success of a ministry. If we focus on size, then the size of the ministry will determine its value or importance.  But we all know the…

6 Ways To Be Smarter About Difficult Conversations

By Mark Tindle

What is the essence of ministry? How do you define it? A definition we’ve come to appreciate at our church goes like this: Ministry is a series of difficult conversations.  The easy stuff works itself out. But the entrenched patterns, the destructive habits, the corrosive relationships, those don’t seem to go anywhere. Until there’s a…

10 MORE Things I Would Change

By Eddie Cole

I left my tenure as a local church pastor over three years ago to become the district superintendent of EDA Move. A few weeks back I wrote about some things I would change if I were a pastor again. Now, you’ve heard the statement that goes, “experience is the best teacher.” For the most part,…

10 Things I Would Change

By Eddie Cole

It’s been over three years since I left the role of lead pastor and I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on things I did while I was in that role. There are some things I wouldn’t change for anything and there are plenty of others that I wish I could get a do…

7 Ways To Change An Unchangeable Church

By Joshua Ott

There are churches that feel unchangeable, but any church can experience change and become a healthy, growing, even multiplying church. Before we get into how to change an unchangeable church we need to admit something together: If churches don’t change, they die. This is a reality we may try to avoid or ignore but it is very much true.  …

3 Things That Kill Vision In A Church

By Joshua Ott

Has your church plateaued? A new person trickling in once in a while doesn’t count as growth.  Has your church been in decline? Decline isn’t measured in seasonal or short term attendance drop off. Instead, decline means a sustained decrease in more than one area of your church. Are leaders leaving and finances dwindling? Is attendance dropping…

Stretch the Sheep

By Jason Abbott

In middle and high school, there are typically teachers whom students avoid like the plague – teachers whose names are synonymous with high expectations and low grades. For me, that teacher was Mrs. Slaughter. No…I’m not making that up; her name really was Slaughter. And, as you can imagine, it magnified the fear of having…

The Slow and Steady of Revitalizing your Church

By Peter Johnson

A few months ago I wrote about St. John’s Syndrome.  St John’s syndrome is described as “the tendency of churches to become less effective the longer they are in existence.”  The two keys to overcoming St. John’s Syndrome are to rediscover the original values of the church (“do the things you did at first/ going…

3 Ways to Maximize Your Sabbatical

By Peter Johnson

by Peter Johnson You may remember that I took a forced sabbatical due to a slip and fall accident that resulted in several weeks in a dark, quiet room to allow my broken rib and concussion to heal. After a number of medical tests it was confirmed that aside from being clumsy I am pretty healthy. …

Where is your church going?

By Peter Johnson

The life cycle of any church is often pictured by a bell curve. As the church grows, the curve goes up. But at some point, without direct decisions being intentionally made to continue the upward direction that first birthed the church, a church will plateau, grow stagnant, and begin a slide to its death. It is inevitable…

Pastors Need Healthy Boundaries

By Benjamin Vrbicek

There’s a phrase in endurance sports called “burning matches.” For every racer, there’s one average pace that gets you to the finish line fastest. And every time you increase your speed above that pace (perhaps to catch one competitor or drop another) you “burn a match.” Burning matches is part of racing, but a smart…

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