Sometimes our preaching needs a little outside perspective. Use these worksheets to evaluate your own preaching or to provide feedback for someone else.

The goal is to find one thing you can improve next time. Having a dedicated form to use takes some of the emotion out of reviewing your own or someone else's sermons and talks.


Getting Unstuck as a Teacher of God’s Word

By Trent Thompson

I love to teach and preach. I am confident of my call to do it. I feel gifted to do it. I am certainly convinced of the importance of the work. But at different points, it feels like I have plateaued in effectiveness as a teacher of God’s Word. I am guessing many of you…

Expository Preaching and Anchoring To The Rock

By Benjamin Vrbicek

Picture yourself rock climbing. The sun shines and sweat drips from your forehead. You’re fifty feet above the ground on the side of a rockface. Your arms burn. You keep dipping your sweaty hands in the bag of chalk that hangs from your belt as though that will make climbing easier. Of course, you expect…

4 Benefits of Collaborative Sermon Prep

By Bill Riedel

In most churches, the preaching pastor spends a significant amount of time studying alone and crafting the sermon each week in preparation for Sunday. It’s hard work and a great labor of love. At Redemption Hill Church we have taken a slightly different approach. We study together every week. Before RHC I had never experienced this…

Stretch the Sheep

By Jason Abbott

In middle and high school, there are typically teachers whom students avoid like the plague – teachers whose names are synonymous with high expectations and low grades. For me, that teacher was Mrs. Slaughter. No…I’m not making that up; her name really was Slaughter. And, as you can imagine, it magnified the fear of having…

7 Reasons To Bring Back The Invitation

By Eddie Cole

I believe an invitation for people to respond to the preacher’s message should be given every time the Word is preached in a corporate gathering. From personal observation and from what I’m reading lately, it seems to me that a growing number of pastors disagree with me. Here’s a recent blog that exemplifies this ongoing conversation. I…

5 Preaching Sins

By Eddie Cole

For those who have a high view of scripture and take seriously the call to preach and teach the Word, we are standing on a sure foundation.  However, there are still some of what I call “preacher sins” that are way too common and MUST be avoided: 1. LAZINESS “Those of us who are preachers…


By EFCA East

EDITORS NOTE: The first half of this article was published in the June CONNECT. If you’ve read the first installment of Andy’s article, jump down to the image for the conclusion.  Where have all the evangelists gone? That is a question I have asked myself since the early days of my Christian experience. I didn’t…


By Eddie Cole

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” But Dr. Abe Kuruvilla sure is trying. That’s how it felt for some of us last week as we gathered together in Princeton Junction at Windsor Chapel for our Preaching Refresher.  64 of our pastors and preachers-in-training signed up to be a part of this gathering. Not…

Revival in the Pulpit

By Eddie Cole

There was a season in human history where public speaking fell on hard times, not for lack of talent, but specifically because of the negative consequences of what happens when highly talented speakers who possess low moral character end up with too much influence.  In ancient Greece, there was a group known as Sophists who…