Simple Online Strategies That Will Grow Your Church


What a Crow Taught Me about My Declining Church

By John Welborn

Approximately 2,600 years ago, Aesop gave us one of the most universally verifiable leadership principles ever penned in his fable, The Crow and the Pitcher.  “A crow perishing with thirst saw a pitcher, and hoping to find water, flew to it with delight. When he reached it, he discovered to his grief that it contained…

4 Obsessions That Will Move Your Church Forward

By Joshua Ott

Most leaders are readers and into leadership books. Full disclosure: I’m not a book guy, but I am obsessed with leading well and growing as a leader. Don’t get me wrong I love books. I just love multitasking more and have found it really hard to read a book while driving to work, mowing the…

7 Ways To Change An Unchangeable Church

By Joshua Ott

There are churches that feel unchangeable, but any church can experience change and become a healthy, growing, even multiplying church. Before we get into how to change an unchangeable church we need to admit something together: If churches don’t change, they die. This is a reality we may try to avoid or ignore but it is very much true.  …

3 Things That Kill Vision In A Church

By Joshua Ott

Has your church plateaued? A new person trickling in once in a while doesn’t count as growth.  Has your church been in decline? Decline isn’t measured in seasonal or short term attendance drop off. Instead, decline means a sustained decrease in more than one area of your church. Are leaders leaving and finances dwindling? Is attendance dropping…

The Slow and Steady of Revitalizing your Church

By Peter Johnson

A few months ago I wrote about St. John’s Syndrome.  St John’s syndrome is described as “the tendency of churches to become less effective the longer they are in existence.”  The two keys to overcoming St. John’s Syndrome are to rediscover the original values of the church (“do the things you did at first/ going…

5 Social Media Tips That Will Actually Grow your Church.

By Joshua Ott

  Our church is growing rapidly because we figured out how to leverage social media to reach people. As soon as people learn about how our church more than doubled in size in less than 12 months – largely through the use of social media – they immediately want to talk about the content we…

Where is your church going?

By Peter Johnson

The life cycle of any church is often pictured by a bell curve. As the church grows, the curve goes up. But at some point, without direct decisions being intentionally made to continue the upward direction that first birthed the church, a church will plateau, grow stagnant, and begin a slide to its death. It is inevitable…

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