Ep 15: Being A Non Anxious Presence with Trent Williams

Welcome to season 2 of Church Chat, the show that has the conversations about ministry you wish you were having. Today Josh and Emily are joined by Trent Williams, student ministries pastor at Tristate Fellowship in Hagerstown, MD. They talk about foster care, what's changed in Trent's ten years of youth ministry, what volunteer recruitment looks like, the danger in trying to replicate other ministries, the fear of failure, Trent's battle with anxiety, leading while suffering, the practice of moving toward health, raising kids in today's culture, being a non-anxious presence, leading in community and more!

Trent Williams


Trent has been a youth pastor for about 12 years with his last 10 years at Tri-State Fellowship. He and his wife, Katie, have been married for 12 years. They have 4 amazing boys. They love being able to invest in their church body as well as their neighborhood and surrounding communities. Between pastoring, coaching soccer, foster care and having people over to our house, their prayer is that those around them would feel loved and cared in a way that points them towards Christ.