Welcome to Church Chat, the show where we have the conversations about ministry you wish we were having. Today we're talking to Matt Saxinger about working under toxic leadership (yes, it happens in the church...), when you know it's time. to leave, how to heal from those experiences, how to build healthy teams, and more (like the merits of Chacos vs Tevas).

Matt Saxinger Preaching

Matt Saxinger has served in the EFCA for 14 years. He is currently the Lead Pastor at Susquehanna Valley Church in Harrisburg, PA. He has a heart for the gospel and seeing the next generation rise up in leadership.

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70 Per Week

By Matt Saxinger

“…the pace of child-abuse allegations against American churches has averaged 70 a week (Christian Ministry Resources).” That was the shocking statistic that our Kids Ministry Director shared with me as we reviewed our Children’s Safety Policy. It was disheartening and sobering, pointing to the responsibility that each of us bear as church leaders. That statistic…

2 Inroads To The Community and The Principles That Made Them Successful

By Matt Saxinger

Earlier this year I stopped at the entrance to the church driveway only to be greeted by one of the neighbors. It had been four years since I first met her and the relationship had grown significantly over that time. She reminded me that she had no desire to attend our church, but that she…

Underappreciated Hope

By Matt Saxinger

The Underappreciated Effect of Hope Our family was recently spending time with some good friends at their farm. The farmer was almost done milking cows and needed help distracting his kids. He suggested I take all of the kids (7 boys including mine) and drive them out to the tree house on the golf cart.…

3 Causes of Depletion in Pastoral Ministry

By Matt Saxinger

I was in my stride, doing as much as I possibly could as efficiently as it could be done. There was nothing remaining on my to-do list and my inbox was empty. Sermons were prepped in advance and all was going smoothly. Then one night, when I was visiting a member in the hospital, one…

Shred It

By Matt Saxinger

Has anyone else spent time this past year thinking about what other career they could be doing besides ministry? The thought entered my mind a few times, and I am certain I am not alone. Many of us have experienced an exodus of people, hurtful comments, betrayal, depression, abandonment…you name it and EFCA East Pastors…

Friendly Fire: 3 Ways To Avoid The Casualties

By Matt Saxinger

I have a problem. I am good at seeing the flaws in other’s ministries. Not so much in the beneficial “let me help you out” way, but in a prideful way that looks down on others from above. I can see why things won’t work, why others are wrong, and why they shouldn’t do it…

Women: Forerunners To A Great Movement

By Matt Saxinger

When I was a youth, there was one individual whose life and legacy set the tone for my own calling in ministry. That  person served in the children’s ministry at the church I grew up attending. What made her presence there unique is that she was there not because the church was healthy, but because…

3 Keys To Help The Next Generation Of Leaders Crush Giants

By Matt Saxinger

  I was recently struck by the story of David and Goliath from a fresh perspective. I had just finished praying with an incredibly faithful follower of Christ. He was in the hospital and his days were numbered. I prayed that God would raise up a next generation with faith like he had. As his…