Ep 13: People Need Help with Dr. Jim Meyer

Welcome to Church Chat, the show that has the conversations about ministry you wish you were having. Today Josh and Emily are joined by Jim Meyer, co-pastor of Pocono EFC! They talk about why counseling has gotten a bad reputation among believers, what we often miss about Psalm 23, the polarizing views on medication, finding a balance between body and soul, when to refer your parishioners to a professional, how to ask good questions, how you know it's time to seek professional help yourself, how to raise kids in the fish bowl of ministry, the pains pastors are facing and more!

Jim Meyer

Dr. Jim taught at Cairn University from 1996 – 2019 and continues to pastor the Pocono EFC in Tannersville, PA since 1996. He also offers biblical counseling, discipleship, consulting, and coaching to pastors and missionaries through a ministry called Biblical Counseling Resources (BCR). BCR is a ministry of Pocono Evangelical Free Church.

Jim has been serving continuously with the EFCA since 1984. He resides near Martins Creek, PA with his wife Kathy. They enjoy canoeing on the Delaware River, hiking and being grandparents.