Episode 1: Numbers, Success and NextGen with David Boerema

Welcome to Church Chat, the show where we have the conversations about ministry you wish we were having. Today Josh and Emily are joined by David Boerema! They talk about how NextGen ministry has changed in the last 3 years, the best way to define success, navigating trauma with people, how the definition of hard has shifted, and more!

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David lives in Central Pennsylvania with his wife Shawna. He loves to be outdoors, travel and appreciates a cup of finely crafted coffee. David and Shawna serve as Directors for Apex Missions. For 20 years they have served in local church student ministry and are passionate about helping students take the next steps in their walk with Jesus. David also serves as the Director of NextGen Ministry for EFCA East.

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Discipleship Pathways for Kids

By Brooke Whitson

When it comes to discipling children, there is no limit to the thoughts, patterns, and opinions you can find online. You can probably ask around your immediate community and get another few dozen different answers. So how do we disciple today’s children in our churches, and how do we know if our discipleship practices are…

When Youth Culture is a Foreign Culture

By Russ Allen

Three years ago, I felt old.   And I was only 28.   This reality came crashing down on me one evening when I met with a few high school students for a typical Bible study. During the normal game and hangout portion of the night, students asked if I wanted to join them in playing a…

How To Build A Healthy Kids Ministry

By Terry Allison

The COVID pandemic has revealed some previously hidden spiritual weaknesses in our churches. As we assess the damage and take steps to lead our churches to better spiritual health, we must not overlook the health of our children and children’s ministries. We wouldn’t be the first to make that fatal mistake. Why Is a Healthy…

Parents: The Wisest Among Us

By David Boerema

Assumptions are the Achilles heel of relationships. Left on their own, with no truth to keep them in check, assumptions can grow into an impenetrable barrier. Any hope of relationship understanding or commonality is overshadowed by a belief that we already know what the other person is thinking. One’s motivation, no matter how pure, is…

Don’t Fail the Next Generation of Missionaries.

By David Boerema

I have served in the EFCA for over 20 years. Every one of them was focused on the next generation. As I look back on my time as a youth pastor at three different churches, I have fond memories of the students and families that I had the privilege of serving. Those places of ministry…

How To Deal With Parents in Youth Ministry

By David Boerema

“You have no idea what it’s like to be a parent of a high school student. You’ll understand once you have kids of your own.”  My best laid plans to help fell flat. As these parents left my office my first thought was: “I’m a total failure. Is Walmart hiring?” My second thought was: “Those…

5 Questions To Consider Before Your Next Mission Trip

By David Boerema

It’s that time of year when many student ministry leaders are making critical decisions about how they will leverage summer trips and where they will take students. Endless flyers, mailings, emails and social media blasts try to grab our attention. It’s hard to make sense of it all and choose the right organizations to partner…

Do Numbers Matter? 8 Ways To Measure Success In Ministry.

By Tim Gardner

Let’s be honest… We don’t like to talk numbers.  We’re afraid that if we talk about the numbers, then the numbers are the only important thing when measuring the success of a ministry. If we focus on size, then the size of the ministry will determine its value or importance.  But we all know the…

Megachurches Aren’t Evil: 4 Things I Learned From A “Famous” Church.

By David Boerema

Juggling the rolls of EDA Next Gen Director and Apex Director allows me the opportunity to stay connected with youth pastors, high school and college students. I’m always curious to see what they are talking about and what holds their interest.  This summer I had the opportunity to visit a large church that is led…

Stop Losing Your Young People

By Kevin Ozolins

I recently came across an article about someone who zealously joined the alt-right movement, quickly rising through the ranks and becoming a well-respected member and moderator of various internet communities devoted to white nationalism. He spent his time befriending Neo-Nazis, and even instructing his family on what to do if the FBI showed up at…