Advent Prayer

When you're in ministry, the weeks leading up to Christmas can be, shall we say, FULL.

You've planned and attended Christmas parties. You've made the decision whether to have church services on Christmas day and then drowned in the tidal wave of everyone's opinion about that decision. You've purchased and assembled all those little candles for Silent Night. You've given the announcement slides and worship lyric backgrounds a festive flare. You've perfected that special Christmas Eve opener. You've faithfully engaged in all the traditions your kids and spouse hold dear.

It's easy to cross the finish line of December 25th having only expectantly waited for this season to be over instead of spending four weeks joyously anticipating the celebration of Christ's birth and His second coming.

To help combat the Christmas crazies, we've created a guide to help you pray through the season of Advent - a daily practice we hope will leave you full, in the best way possible.

And in a month that can contain multitudes, what better place to guide our prayers that the Psalms - the book of the Bible that so accurately captures the complexity and breadth of our emotional landscape.

Download your guide below and make sure to join us on Instagram for daily reflections from leaders around our district. We're looking forward to praying with you this Advent season!


We want these prayer guides to be a resource for both you and your church. Please reach out if you have printing or design questions:


Trifold Advent 2022


Instagram stories




Grab this set of Instagram story images you can use along with the prayer guide. There are 34 different slides, including one for each day of Advent that has the scripture reading and a verse from that day's Psalm.

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